Monday, May 21, 2012

what our hearts know...

while i was cleaning out my desk today (for the last day of school with kids--i still have one day left to be at school and get everything finished...) i stumbled across a verse i copied down some time this year. i wrote down the niv version, but the version i really like is the paraphrase from the message:

"we're depending on God; He's everything we need. what's more, our hearts brim with joy since we've taken for our own His holy name. love us, God, with all You've got— that's what we're depending on." (psalm 33:20-22)

nathan and i have been married for eight years, and we've had a lot of stuff happen to us in those years.

i've had times when my mind has wondered if God was really there, taking care of me like He promised. i say my mind wondered because through it all my heart knew the truth.

funny how it works that way--your head and your heart don't listen to each other very well sometimes. or at least that's the case for me, anyways!

what's great, though, is that even when our minds aren't cooperating--aren't remembering what our hearts know--God is still there.

loving us with all He's got.

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