Tuesday, July 10, 2012

playing catch up

i am a terrible procrastinator.
actually, i am a rather accomplished procrastinator. i've had a lot of practice at it over the years, so i've gotten pretty good at it!

that trait has made a few things more difficult through the years, leading to things like finishing physics homework assignments in class 5 minutes before they are due and stringing tiny beads onto a veil the day before my baby sister needed it for her bridal portraits...

this time, though, the habit that drives my mom crazy is actually going to be a good thing for me.

today is tuesday.
we move out of our house in arkansas and head to toledo a week from friday.
thursday, friday, and saturday of this week will be spent doing wedding stuff.
and here's the kicker:
            we have about 8 boxes packed.

yes, 8. for a family of 4.
and at least 3 of those boxes are books...
and there are still books on multiple shelves...
          i know, i know--we are book addicts. there are far worse things...

now, it could quite possibly be that i have finally lost my mind, but i'm honestly not worried. this will be the 7th time that nathan and i have moved in our 8 years of marriage. 2 of those moves don't count because the coast guard packed all our stuff for us, but that still means that we have packed everything up 4 times. we've gotten lots of practice throwing things in boxes!

so, despite all the delays and all the time we've been away from home in the past month, for the most part i would have to admit that things are pretty much on schedule.
we would have been putting it off until the last minute anyways :0)

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