Wednesday, July 11, 2012

when the chase gets too important

dreams are funny things.

especially when they are dreams that other people may see as crazy or unrealistic--but hey, who ever said a dream was supposed to be realistic?

i ran across a post today that was written by someone who, to some degree, is chasing after the same kind of dream i am: writing.

like her, probably like most people who have this crazy dream of weaving words together to make a story, i've read just about every scrap of advice i can find about writing.

i have a journal full of quotes, most of which have something to do with putting words down on paper.

i put "writing advice" or "writing quotes" in the search bar on a regular basis, occasionally stumbling across something new that wasn't out there yesterday (that's how i came across a guy named jeff goins...a good read for anybody else chasing this crazy dream).

i've spent a good 6 years or so chasing this dream.
more if you include those strange junior high years...but who counts those?

the problem is, the chase has gotten me distracted from the dream.
*instead of writing, i'm reading what other people say about writing.
*instead of being caught up in the world i'm trying to create, i'm reading what other people have to say about creating a world.
*instead of dreaming, i'm chasing.

most importantly, though, i'm running blindly down a path that other people say i should take instead of asking the most important question:
         God, what path should i be on? which way should i go?

over at (in)courage one man put it this way (with my paraphrase): we get this picture of how a dream is supposed to turn out. when we cling to that picture, we diminish the Artist who creates the picture.

so, no matter what dream it is you're chasing, i hope your prayer will be the same as mine:
"let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love,
for i have put my trust in You.
show me the way i should go,
for to You i entrust my life."
psalm 143:8

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