Friday, March 21, 2014

20 things I know to be true

*Inspired by Sarah Kay's TED Talk

1) God is "I AM"; I am not.

2) I would give my last breath for my kids.

3) A walk through a cow pasture can make you feel better

4) can chocolate cake.

5) Life is unbelievably, painfully, beautiful.

6) Dreams are hard to catch, but they're worth chasing.

7) Love is always worth fighting for.

8) Family is a blessing

9) ...and family isn't limited to blood relations.

10) "Faith" and "religion" aren't synonyms.

11) Risks are worth taking.

12) Writing is linked to my soul.

13) Microscopes reveal amazing things.

14) A good cup of coffee calms frazzled nerves.

15) It feels good to laugh until it hurts.

16) Reading lets you escape.

17) Sometimes praying is hard.

18) Learning is more important than being well educated.

19) Being afraid and being courageous aren't mutually exclusive.

20) There is much I don't know.

***What about you? Leave me a comment telling me something you know to be true--I would love to hear it!

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