Thursday, February 16, 2012

love is mostly...

check out 1 john 4:7-11

all the examples (here and here) i've given of love being shown in my life have come from one thing--
God loves me.

isn't that an amazing thing?
the God of the Universe loves me.

i am a sinner, saved by grace.
God pours out His love, totally undeserved on my part.
it doesn't matter what i've done or what i haven't done.
He doesn't care that i've messed up.
He loves me anyways,
enough to choose me,
to adopt me,
to save me.
His love is a gift, sent to us in the form of
a baby who grew up to be crucified.
as a gift, it has been freely given.
i can't do anything good enough to earn it, and i can't do anything bad enough that He's going to take it back.
and guess what?
i was created to love Him.

you know what's an even more awesome thing to me?
God is love.
so, you know that description of love paul gave us in 1 corinthians 13?
that description we always point out to other people--after all, they are always the ones who need to work on it, right?--and that we always hear at weddings?
--that is a description of God.

so, i'm going to take a few liberties with part of those verses and show them in a little different light than usual (at least for me).

"God always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres.
God never fails."
(verses 7 & 8a)

 God is love, and He wants us to know Him.
He loves us.
He wants us. 

isn't that pretty amazing?

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