Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so...it's been a while!

how is everybody? it seems like it's been a long time since i wrote last. we had spring break last week and i didn't have internet access for a big part of it (no, we weren't anywhere remote--just at my parents').

i've been chomping at the bit to get on here because i have big news--my family is in for a huge change. those of you who have been following my journey here have had a glimpse of the stress and uncertainty in my life right now. some of you have sent prayers up on my behalf, not really knowing what you were praying for. 
first off, thank you.
i've definitely felt your support.

that said, the "brand new information!" (sorry--i had to throw in the "friends" reference...)
we found out at the beginning of spring break that i've been accepted into a medical physics graduate program!

i am beyond excited right now, and it has been really hard to keep this news quiet for the last week. i had to tell my administrators at school that i won't be teaching next year first, which i definitely wasn't looking forward to in the least.

this program is where i thought i would end up last fall. seldom have i understood God's timing, and this time was no exception. this year has taught me a lot, though, not the least of which is not to take my kids' teachers for granted in the future!

this year has been more terrifying
more stressful
more rewarding than i would ever have imagined.

i've worked with kids who have challenged me
broken my heart
changed my life forever.

i'm thankful for the lessons i've learned (though i've not been to thrilled while learning them).

now, my family is looking at starting the next chapter of our life. we have quite an adventure ahead of us, and i'm trying really hard to take my mom's advice and not just trade one set of worries for another.

although there's plenty to worry about: finding somewhere to live, going from a salary to nothing, my husband finding a job, managing with one vehicle while i'm in school and my husband is working and one kid is in kindergarten and the other is in pre-school, packing over the next 4 months while finishing my teaching year and helping get things ready for my sister's wedding (i'm working on her veil right now...silly me said "why spend $125 for a veil when i could just put the invisible beads on the invisible thread on the essentially invisible material?". i've since told my mom and sister that i now understand why they were charging $125--tedious work, but i love getting to do it for her)...

these next few months will definitely be hectic, with lots of things that i will be able to get stressed out about if i let it happen.

right now, though, i'm excited about this new opportunity. i'm praying that i will find God's plan in this next step, that i won't forget to glorify Him. i'm excited about the possibilities our future holds, and i'm praising the One who holds our future.

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