Thursday, January 26, 2012

a little bit of physics (don't be scared!)

"by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible." hebrews 11:3

this is one of my favorite verses--i call it my physics verse because to me it is tying together my faith and subatomic particles.

no, really--i mean it!

when i first started working on a degree in physics and a minor in biology, somebody (i don't remember who anymore, but it seems like it was somebody on some kind of discussion board...) told me that i would forget about all that dumb "christianity" (<--spell checker doesn't like that. hmm...) stuff. once i had been educated, i would see that faith was superstition and a pointless waste of time, something for the ignorant, uneducated masses.

 while i'm sure that is the conclusion some people come to, it sure wasn't for me.

                               quite the opposite, really.

i sat/struggled/cried through a lot of physics and biology classes:
  general physics 1 & 2
         breakdown waves research
               quantum mechanics
             electricity & magnetism
          modern physics
             electrical circuits 1 & 2
                      advanced physics lab
                          thermodynamics & statistical mechanics
                  general biology
                            cell biology
         cancer biology
...and probably a few that i'm forgetting and that you don't really want to hear about anyways!

in all those classes, almost everyday, i was more and more
amazed. the unbelievable complexity of the world around me. the fact that opposites attract (not talking relationships here!).
...that the world doesn't just spin out of control and fly off through space.
...that we don't all have crazy diseases and harmful mutations.
...that chaos doesn't reign and entropy doesn't make everything fall apart.
...that people can look at these things and not know there is a Creator.

you know what's even more amazing to me?
the Creator of all this, 
 ~the One who completely understands quantum physics and cell biology and physiology and thermodynamics,
~the Master of the Universe,
~the One who controls entropy,
~the Ruler of creation,
~the One who formed the double helix and coded DNA,
~the Controller of the stars,
~the One who knows the unknowable,

the Judge
One True God
Consuming Fire
King of Kings
All Powerful

He loves me.
He knows everything about me.
He gave His Son for me.
He knows just how many cells are in my body, and He gave them all a job.

how awesome is that?

my classes didn't lead me to forget about that whole "God idea."
they humbled me. they showed me that the God who created the universe out of subatomic particles (what is unseen--get it? God's cool.) is the God who loves me and who lets me call Him Abba ("father" or "daddy" depending on who you ask).

i am so thankful for the small glimpse of Him that i got in those classes.


  1. I needed this today. I need to remember just how huge my God is-- even in the midst of hard emotional circumstanes. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks, Erica!
      I get those kind of reminders quite often when I stop by your blog, too :)

  2. Thanks for posting this! I so often see people enter the college realm and all of a sudden they get these agnostic liberal ideas in their head. I feel that often times college days warp your mind more than mold it. It is good to know that it is possible to understand the world on a subatomic level and still believe in Him. College can be a confusing time because of the things we are taught or untaught. I'm angered by the thought that Christianity (wow... spell check REALLY doesn't like that word... oh never mind... it wants it capitalized. Good to know...) is paralled with ignorance. I never think that non-believers = ignorance. I guess that is the difference between people who think it is their place to just and those who are enlightened.

    1. Some of the ideas that get shoved at people in college are pretty crazy, but God can work through crazy!

      It is hard to stand up against the people who are supposed to be teaching you, the ones who are supposed to know what they're talking about, and stand true to your faith sometimes, but it is worth it!

  3. Nice! Thank you for sharing your heart. I'll never forget when I was in college, I gave an atheist history professor "Mere Christianity" for Christmas:)

    1. That's great! Hard for anyone to argue with the logic of C.S. Lewis :)

  4. Thank you for your post, it fell directly in line with my thought on this verse. We often discuss the balance between our heads and our hearts during our Life Group meetings. Our Group is reading through Hebrews, and we had a discussion on 11:3 and the Higgs boson last night. I handed out copies of your comments to the Group and it was an excellent compliment to the study / discussion.

    1. Thanks, Eric!

      It amazing that God gives us glimpses of His greatness, isn't it?

  5. Found this today when I was reading this chapter in YouVersion... and, THANK YOU! My degree is in applied mathematics, and I too sat through I don't know how many classes where everyone around me seemed more and more cynical and I was just more and more awed by our great God.

    Thank you for sharing - and for shedding a different light on this awesome verse!


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