Monday, January 3, 2022

do you know God?

 Do you know God?

Do you know the Father, the One who spoke life into existence? The One who is somehow both entirely love and entirely justice, the One who sits on the throne surrounded by majesty, yet still listens to His children and catches our tears when we cry. The Father who created each and every one of us for a purpose--even though He knew some of us would insist on our own way instead of His. The One who created a paradise for us even though He knew what we would do to it, who wanted a relationship with us even though He knew we would break His heart, but chose mercy.

Do you know the Son, the One through whom everything holds together? The Word, there from the beginning of time. The One who stepped from the majesty and glory of Heaven into the fragile flesh of a baby, sent to earth to reconcile broken, imperfect people to God while we were still lost in sin. The One whom the wind and the waves obeyed, who could give sight and restore bodies and turn a boy's lunch into enough to feed thousands--and called little children to His side. The One who dared to touch the untouchables and to speak to the unworthy. The One who had legions of angels ready to save Him yet chose to stay on the cross because He knew there wasn't another way to pay the price for us. The One who hung in excruciating pain, struggling for every breath, blood and sweat running down every inch of His broken body, but chose mercy. “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Do you know the Spirit, the One sent as the Helper? The One who comes to make His home in the hearts of men, who whispers into the core of who we are to convict us when we sin. The One who gives us new life when we die to the old life. The One who sees all the things we try to hide from the world--the selfishness, lies, insecurities, and bad decisions--and gives us the power to overcome all of that. The One who is the very picture of mercy because He sees everything about us and chooses to give us life anyway.

Do you know God?

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