Thursday, May 24, 2012

memorial day...

we're heading into memorial day weekend, the time most people focus on sun and fun--pools open, campgrounds are full, and grills get pulled out and dusted off.

saturday, i get to celebrate with my little sister and her fiance as our two families get together for the first time for a wedding shower that will take place in the beauty of the arkansas hills. it will be a day full of joy, laughter, smiles...and lots of food :0)

this weekend, americans from florida to maine to alaska to hawaii will all be celebrating life.

many families, though, in the midst of the celebration and affirmation of life, will be remembering lives passed.
       my family is one of those.

it seems like all too often americans forget the reason for this long weekend.
we get wrapped up in the start of summer and forget what the holiday is all about:

for all of us to celebrate life, 
others had to give theirs.
for us to have the freedom to live peacefully, 
others had to fight.
for us to have the chance to get together and enjoy fellowship together,
others have to be absent.

as you go through the weekend, stop for a moment and remember all those who gave their lives so we wouldn't have to give ours. remember those who died far from home in foreign lands. remember their brothers in arms and their families back home, because this weekend will be a little bit different for them.


  1. Beautiful post, Mandy! My dear sil is career military and will be deployed next month to the middle east for nine months. I know first hand the sacrifice our service members and their spouses/family make! And I certainly honor them and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our freedom.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful memorial day post! Have a great weekend!


  2. ((((((((hugs)))))))) I wish I had words, but these are the moments when I am at a loss. My heart breaks for you and my prayers are lifted for you.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss :( I admit I often don't do much for Memorial Day. I went by a graveyard today and saw some people doing the graves up with flags and flowers. It was very touching and I thought to myself that I needed to respect this holiday more. Thanks for your post to bring this message home for me.


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