Thursday, August 9, 2012

just a quick note...

so, i've been out of the loop for quite a while now (and most likely will be for a while longer) since we don't have the internet set up at home yet...i did find my way to the library, though, so i'm getting the chance to reconnect with the world for just a bit!

we are in toledo was a long trip, but pretty uneventful compared to other trips nathan and i have taken. we made it in about 14 hours because of all the stops the kids made necessary. we are slowly getting settled in at our new house. my living room is pretty much intact, along with the kitchen, so at least we have two rooms that are comfortable. our bedroom is piled high with boxes still, but the kids are able to play in theirs. the crazy room is the one that was made to be a dining room but is going to be turned into our office/study/library/extra kids' space. that room is full of boxes, mostly because we are on hold for a bit before we can get the new bookshelves we need. the two bookcases in the living room are filled, but nathan and i are book freaks and we need a few more before we can get everything unpacked.

since nathan won't get his first check for about two weeks...and i won't get my first one until probably sometime in september...and our kids have the crazy notion that they should eat...
       the bookcases will have to wait.

i go in for orientation next week. we are in the process of finding a babysitter or daycare for the kids, which is a crazy thing to do when you don't know anybody! we have some help, though, so i'm praying and trusting God to put our babies in the right spot.

i can't even begin to tell you how nervous i am about going back to school. i've been out of college since december 2010, so when i get the chance to look at some of my old physics books i can't help but wonder what possessed me to do this stuff again!

don't get me wrong--i'm incredibly excited about getting the chance to chase this crazy dream (and, coincidentally, getting a little bit of time to chase the other one; i'm starting to work on the next part of the story i wrote. now i just have to convince myself to be done with the first part and send it out...). i can't wait to start working on medical physics and have a thought about something i'm even going to ask about as a possibility for research.

what i'm nervous about is getting back into the groove of doing upper level physics. in my undergrad classes, i didn't study. i simply didn't have the time. i have the feeling, though, that i won't be able to make it through these classes without studying. to be honest, i don't really know how to do that. also, i was used to the professors i had a tech. i was comfortable with them, i knew them, and they had faith in me (as crazy as that seemed to me at times). i'm nervous about getting all new professors at a bigger university, professors who think i know my stuff since they put me in the phD program. i'm nervous about proving myself all over again, nervous about getting them to have faith in me for those times that i lose faith in myself.

really, i'm just plain nervous.

so, since it might be a while before i get back on here i'll be able to tell you how the first week went when i write next.

i'll also take some pictures of our new house--it will give me some motivation to get everything else unpacked!

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