Friday, September 21, 2012

what I've learned this week...

Three lessons I've learned since last Saturday:
1) Having a degree doesn't necessarily mean you know anything.
~I have a Bachelor's of Science in Physics. I was previously under the impression that that meant I knew something about physics. Then, I took the written Qualifying Exam for my PhD program. Yeah, it really was that bad. I can see you out there shaking your head, the expression on your face saying, "I'm sure she didn't do as bad as she thinks; she never does." Well, all I can say is that you'll have to take my word for it on this one!

2) It isn't much fun feeling like an idiot.
~I also took the oral QE this week. Most of the things they asked would definitely be considered the basics of physics, things I remember learning once upon a time. I guess maybe I shouldn't say learning, since apparently I only "learned" them for the length of time that it took to pass the test. I walked out of the room Monday night not sure if I was going to cry or laugh. Luckily it turned into laughing...but I still feel dumb.

3) Rejection always hurts.
~I never really expected my first query letter to get me an agent. For that matter, I don't really expect the first dozen to get me an agent. That didn't keep that first rejection, though it was made very respectfully, from bringing tears. It never feels good to be turned down, even if you're expecting it. Don't worry, though--I'm going to rework my query letter and find the next agent to send it to. If I were someone who let one rejection stop me, I would never have accomplished most of the things I've done in life!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :0)


  1. I'm sorry you had a hard test...I can't even imagine if you had trouble how hard it must be. I remember in Springfield you telling about what you were studying then...and I was lost (or thought you were speaking a foreign language). You've got a TON of people that know how great you are and know that you will (and do) accomplish so much. Remember Lincoln? He had so many things happen that he could've quit, like couldn't get into law school, lost numerous elections, had a nervous breakdown that put him in bed for 6 months, his fiance died, etc until finally he was elected president. You are one strong mama and you WILL get it, you just gotta keep on keeping on! If anyone can do it, you can!


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