Tuesday, January 29, 2013

when the good becomes the bad and the ugly

I have this trait that anybody who knows me is very familiar with:
I don't like to fail.

For the most part, this trait has served me well. It has kept me
pushing forward
striving for something better
working hard
accomplishing things I never thought possible

Lately, though, it seems this trait has developed a dark side...an evil twin, if you will.

See, I look at all the things that are unfinished right now:
~thread crochet I've been working on for my mom for somewhere around...3 years now
~multiple scarves
~a wedding present
~a story
~query letters
~oh yeah--homework...
(I took some pictures to put here, but for some reason blogger won't let me upload them...gonna have to try and update this when that will work...)

I see all those things and that evil twin starts saying, "Look at all the ways you're failing right now...there's not even one thing you're getting finished! You're in way over your head." That's usually followed by an evil villain laugh...hey, I may not feel like a writer most of the time, but those voices still float around in my head to remind me that they want me to write down their stories :0)

Here is where you would usually expect to find some words of wisdom explaining how I know that's not true, that things are "in progress" way longer that they are "finished."

The thing is, though, right now that evil twin is the one I'm hearing the loudest...

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  1. The good news is that you get to be the boss of the voices! You can do it--whether it is to silence the evil voice or to decide that it is OK NOT to finish any one of those projects for whatever reason. You are so much harder on yourself than Jesus is on you, girl! Give yourself some grace. He loves you whether you complete those things or not:) Great post, Mandy!


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