Thursday, February 21, 2013

how does Jesus see you?

**This post is part of the weekly link up over at the Faith Barista. The topic for today is, quite simply, "Jesus."

One of the bloggers I read was talking about being challenged by another fellow blogger to answer one simple yet profound question: How does Jesus see you? Here's her beautiful answer to that question--you should hop over and take a look! The question immediately caught my attention, basically reaching out to grab me, shake me, and say, "I'm meant for you!"

So here I am, my mind rolling over all the crazy thoughts popping up.

What's easy to tell you ("easy" is used a bit loosely here!) is how I would see my if I were sitting in Jesus's seat next to the Father and looking down here. What jumps to my mind first are all the flaws:
my temper
overly sensitive
definitely not Susie Homemaker
a procrastinator
never exercises
...the list could go on, but that's probably enough (I would just as soon not keep listing all the bad traits!).

The thing is, while I was thinking about all those things I read this post that reminded me of something I seem to forget:

I am God's masterpiece. 
I am His beloved, one He chose and promised never to leave. 
I'm a sinner, there's no doubt, but I'm a sinner saved by grace and covered in His blood
I'm a work in progress and may feel like I should be carrying a sign that says "Please excuse the mess," but when Jesus thinks about me I think a smile comes across His face. 
It's probably one of amused exasperation from time to time, but it's still there. He sees His creation, a girl who
~loves (however imperfectly) her family fiercely
~is creative
~gets lost in words on a regular basis
~never quits (though I can tell you, there are definitely times I want to)
~dreams big
~is forgiven, chosen, and deeply loved.


  1. Hey, I am so like you!
    I really resonate with this, especially your confession of flaws. But you're right, he looks down with deep love, past all the flaws, or maybe he just looks at them and says, "Well there's another spot I need to clean on her white dress."

  2. This makes me think of Gideon, who had such a very, very low self-esteem and yet, our Pappa God called him a mighty warrior! If only we could see through our Lord's eyes! Over via Faith Barista. So, dear One, He sees you as His princess!
    Much love

  3. Awesome, Mandy! We see our faults first, don't we? Praise God our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways! He sees us as we really are, as He created us...which is not a sum of our weaknesses. I love that you contemplated this! And thanks for the link:)


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