Saturday, June 1, 2013

..the other side of my writing

As those of you who know me (or have read very many of my posts here know) realize, the things I post on this blog aren't always the easiest things for me to share with other people. I'm a pretty private person, but this blog was started out of obedience--and sometimes (who am I fooling? most of the time would be better there) obedience is hard.

As you may also know, at my core I'm a writer. I study physics and raise 2 kids and drive my husband batty and have no idea what I'm going to end up doing in life, but one other thing that makes me who I am is the fact that I have to constantly be pouring something out on paper. And yes, most of my writing is done with paper and ink. There's still just something so impersonal about a computer that makes me resort to the old fashioned way of writing.

All that has been said as an introduction to this: there is another side to my writing.

The stuff I post here is deeply personal and very much non-fiction. That is a wonderful thing and has its place in my heart, but I'm also a storyteller.

Yes, I know I tell stories here. I love writing them, love reliving the good memories and having an outlet for the bad. The storyteller in me, though, hsa another love.


There, I said it--and somehow I feel like I'm at a support group or something: "Hi, my name is Mandy and I'm a paperback writer..." (Am I the only one who just heard the Beetles start singing?)

I love seeing a story come to life on the page. I like setting back and watching the characters develop and am thrilled when I come to a point where I am surprised by what happens nest in a story I'm working on. I also like seeing the battle between good a evil unfold, even if it is in a magical world of fantasy.

So, with that said I would like to show you something a little bit different:
 I've been working on this book for a lot longer than I want to admit, but it is finally done and ready and out there in the world. If you click on the picture above you'll go to a site where you can order a real physical copy of the book. I'll say up front that it is listed at a higher price than I would have liked, but when each book is printed when it is ordered the minimum price is pretty much stuck.

If you are an ebook person, the Kindle version is available here. Amazon Prime members with a Kindle can even borrow it for free, which I think is wonderful! What's better than reading a free book?

If you do feel like picking up a copy...and then reading it...and then think you might like to help me out a bit, I would love to read your reviews on Amazon.

Thanks for bearing with me through what is a bit of a different post for me :0)

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  1. WOW! congrats. i am so stuck about fiction - just beginning to consider it may be something God may call me to. Thanks for this!


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