Friday, May 30, 2014


It means made holy in one context. Another definition is happy. It brings up thoughts of safety, security, peace, and prosperity. After all, it's easy to be happy when life is wonderful.

What about when things are all going wrong, when t feels like the whole world has turned against you?

Are you blessed then, when everything is crumbling against you?

 As Jesus was traveling throughout Galilee, those were the people being brought to Him: people racked with pain, the sick, the demon-possessed, the paralyzed, those suffering from seizures. They weren't people living the easy life.

Looking out over all the people gathered below Him, Jesus listed those He called blessed:
~the poor in spirit
~those who mourn
~the meek
~those who hunger & thirst for righteousness
~the merciful
~the pure in heart
~the peacemakers
~those who are persecuted because of righteousness
~the people who are insulted, persecuted, and have evil things said against them because of Christ

By the world's standards, these aren't people who are happy. The world would consider these people weak, or at best people to pity, but Jesus thought differently.

He said that the kingdom of Heaven belonged to these people. He said they would be comforted, filled, shown mercy. They will inherit the earth, and they will be called sons of God.

Not only did Jesus call them blessed, he told them to rejoice and to leap for joy.

So when you feel down-trodden, take heart--rest in the assurance that Jesus has seen you, and He calls you blessed.

(See Matthew 5:1-12 or Luke 6:17-26)

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  1. Perfect reminder for today!! Thank your for sharing!!

  2. So glad Jesus views "blessed" totally different than the world's standards. Thank you for this comforting reminder, Mandy.


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