Tuesday, March 1, 2016

when the world is falling apart...

When you look around, what do you see?

Do you see a world that's falling apart? One where it seems like the "bad guys" are always winning? One where people have shunned God, His commands, and His values?

People have turned God' word upside down. They are calling right wrong and wrong right. The created have turned their backs on the Creator, attempting to drag His name through the mud in order to excuse their own bad behavior and poor choices.

We're told that we can choose our gender, marry anyone we want, kill "unwanted" babies, get something for nothing, and bend the truth to our will.

People mock God every day, and they seem to be getting their way. They parade their mockery in front of everyone, and they seem to be winning.

It's easy to get discouraged, to start wondering why God is allowing all of this to happen. We know that God is in control, but sometimes we forget.

"Trying to solve this mystery on my own exhausted me.
 I couldn’t bear to look at it any further.
So I took my questions to the True God,
    and in His sanctuary I realized something so chilling and final: 
their lives have a deadly end. 
Because You have certainly set the wicked upon a slippery slope,
    You’ve set them up to slide to their destruction. 
 And they won’t see it coming. It will happen so fast:
    first, a flash of terror, and then desolation."
~Psalm 73:16-19

We forget that the things of this life are temporary. We forget that everything we're facing right now will be gone in the blink of an eye in comparison to eternity.

All those people who are perverting and twisting Gods words? People who are using the Scriptures and Jesus' name for their own purposes? Those who are trying to put down God in order to lift themselves up?

Those people are sliding to their own destruction.

Despite all their efforts to run God through the mud, God will not be mocked.  His word will not be twisted to suit worldly views. The truth of the Creator stands, and it cannot be changed to fit the whims of the created.

"It will happen: whoever shuns You will be silenced forever;
 You will bring an end to all who refuse to be true to You. 
But the closer I am to You, my God,
the better because life with You is good.
O Lord, the Eternal, You keep me safe—
I will tell everyone what You have done."
~Psalm 73:27 & 28

Don't give in. Don't despair when it seems like God's opposition is winning. Don't start to believe their lies when they try to say that God's word doesn't apply today or when they try to twist His words to fit their purposes.

Stay close to God. Test everything against His word, no matter who is speaking or if they claim to be speaking for Him. In fact, test it more if it's supposed to be coming from Him.

Draw close to God, and tell others what He has done for you.

Cling to the Truth.
Cling to the Word.
Cling to the Father.

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