Monday, May 31, 2021

memorial day 2021

Okay, so this is the third time I've started a post for today. There are so many thoughts and emotions flying around in my head, but I can't seem to get them to hold still long enough to name them, let alone to get them nailed down on paper.

On one hand, I'm as excited as everyone else about the "unofficial" start to summer. I'm looking forward to an extra long weekend, sunshine, family, and grilling out. We've got ribs ready for the smoker and all the goodies to go with them. We spent Saturday and Sunday with family and are doing the same thing today.

On the other hand, I'm having a really hard time with Memorial Day this year. It's been 17 years without Michael, so logically things shouldn't be so hard. 17 years is a long time--I should be used to it by now. This year, though, I've just been a bit off all week.

I always miss my brother. Most of the time it's not a dramatic thing, just little things that I wish I could talk to him about. Conan reminds me of him, and I wish his Uncle Michael was here to help him figure out what it means to be a warrior poet--someone bigger and stronger than most but with his "teelings" just as big. There's not a lot I wouldn't give to have him here with us to chow down on ribs today. I would love to watch him with all his nieces and nephews.

This year, I think my feelings are all stirred up by the chaos that has come to our country. The evils that so many American patriots fought on foreign soils have come to our own land, brought in by people who have claimed the benefits of living and thriving in our great country while decrying everything it stands for. I can't help but think that the people pushing the Marxist agenda are tarnishing the memory of every man and woman who fought and died for our country.

This country was founded to honor God. It was founded to be different, a light in a dark world. For almost 250 years it has stood as a beacon of hope and freedom, the land of opportunity to which so many people flocked for the chance to follow the American dream. It has been a land where hard work pays off, where anyone can take advantage of the rights and freedoms granted to each of us by our Creator.

They are freedoms that have been paid for over and over again by the lifeblood of so many. Now, though, that high price seems to have been forgotten and those freedoms and rights are disappearing.

Today, remember the price paid to ensure your freedoms. Take a stand and don't let those freedoms be taken away. So many before us paid the price--now it's our turn to make sure those rights and freedoms are preserved for future generations of Americans.

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