Monday, May 14, 2012

for mother's day...

so, i meant for this to be posted yesterday...but it was a busy weekend and i didn't get it done. instead, i watched my sister-in-law graduate with honors from high school and my sister graduate with honors from college (so proud of jessie and sarah!) and then spent sunday with family and no computer.

well, better late than never. those of you who know me, or have been reading these posts for any length of time, definitely know that that comes pretty close to being my mantra ;0)

so, here's my mother's day present to my mom. if you are nosy like me, feel free to read on!

dear momma,
this is the 27th mother's day i've seen, and i'm finally starting to get it. i'm starting to see all the things you've done for me through the years and the amazing blessing it has been to have such an amazing, godly woman guiding me through this crazy world. i know it hasn't been an easy 27 years--some of those battles through my teen years may have been worthy of the history books--but you dealt with all of it and got me through.

we are so different in so many ways, yet so similar. like you, i've always worn my heart on my sleeve (probably part of the reason for some of our battles). i'm strong willed and a bit hard headed. i got my love of breads, cheerleading, and singing from you, along with my love of crafts. it goes without saying that i got the majority of my appearance from you. though at times it makes me a little crazy, i also got my "protective momma bear" side from you...that side that drove me batty growing up because i was the one who never wanted to rock the boat.

now that i'm a mom, there are some of your traits i wish i had inherited: your housekeeping skills, your empathy, your love of frills, curls, and all things girly (i guess some things really do skip a generation!). i'm starting to understand why you always wanted me to keep my room clean--even if i still don't do it... i'm getting why you were ready to fight anything you saw as a injustice toward one of your kids.

though i know i complained about having to wear dressy clothes every sunday morning, thank you for teaching me to always give God my best. when i got frustrated with my sister and you reminded me that i had prayed for her, you were teaching me that God's gifts are always good, even when we don't see it. when you taught me the golden rule you were setting me up for dealing with difficult people when i grew up. when you washed dishes with me you were teaching me that families help each other, even with the mundane. when i saw you quietly close cabinet doors left open you taught me to be long-suffering. when we were all laughing uncontrollably in a water logged tent while camping in colorado, you showed me what it looked like to have joy despite the situation in which you find yourself. when you helped work cows even though it scared you, you showed me what determination looked like. when i saw my always put together mom walking in rubber boots through a chicken house i saw a woman who was always clothed in dignity.

now, i get to watch you with your grandbabies. i tease you about letting them do things you never let me get away with, but i love seeing you letting your granddaughter rearrange your entire flower shop every time she walks through the door or letting your grandson keep you up until midnight because he's so happy that you don't want to make him go to sleep (even though it is crazy hard getting them back into the swing of things once i get them home!).

i can remember walking into the kitchen many times growing up and having to ask whether the goodies in the kitchen were for us or for somebody from church. at the time i know i whined and complained that the cakes or cookies weren't for us, but deep down i was always proud to have a mom who was always so giving. that is something that is still true--despite our arguments, disagreements, and differences, i have always been and always will be proud to be your daughter.

i love you, way up to the moon and back.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom, Mandy! I'm sure her heart swelled as she read your precious words!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. What a precious way to honor your mom! I am sure she will cherish your words forever!


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