Thursday, May 3, 2012

an interruption...

i now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...oh wait--i would have to have a regular schedule for that! oh well...

seriously, though, i have to jump in the middle of my proverbs 31 series to tell you all my news--
      i just accepted a spot in the utoledo physics & astronomy PhD program!

i am beyond excited...and scared...and amazed...and terrified...and blessed...
     and you could probably add just about anything else in there--i imagine that feeling has gone through my mind as well!

(wow, looking back over what i just wrote i see way too many exclamation marks!!!)

i'll be working on a PhD in physics, but my emphasis will be in medical physics. if you want an idea of what that means, you can look here or here...if you still have no idea after reading those, you aren't alone. most people i talk to have to just smile and zone out when i start rambling about all the stuff i find so exciting...and that they find about as dull as watching grass grow :0)

this is a huge blessing, and i am amazed to be getting this chance. i haven't done any physics since december 2010 so i'm a bit rusty and scared, but i'm clinging to the verse from my joyce meyer daily devotional from yesterday (the message version):

"Jesus was blunt: 'no chance at all if you think you can pull it off by yourself. every chance in the world if you let God do it.'" mark 10:27

*i'll post a proverbs 31 post later today, but i had to share my news because i'm about ready to burst with it :0)

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