Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fun conversations to have with a 5 year old...

i know every parent thinks they have the best, most brilliant, incredibly insightful kids on the planet...and of course i'm no different. i'll temper it first by reassuring you that i know my kids aren't perfect: just this morning they somehow managed to turn opposite directions when we stepped out of the house and ran smack into each other--conan's hard head right into raiden's cheekbone.

they are pretty amazing though, so today i have a quick story for you...

just over a week ago, raiden came home from daycare (kindergarten doesn't start until the day after labor day, so we still have a few days to wait for her "first day of school" story that i'm sure will be...entertaining) talking about gravity. i don't know if that was something she had asked her teachers about that day or not, but when we got home our conversation went something like this:

raiden: "mommy, gravity is what makes us stay on the earth, right? that keeps us from flying out into space?"
me: "yes, raiden. the acceleration due to gravity (i had to get a little extra physics in there--automatic response thanks to dr. musser) is what keeps us here."
raiden, after a moment of contemplation: "so then that means things that are really big or really heavy must have a lot of gravity."

no question there, just a matter-of-fact statement from my tiny, blue-eyed, blonde munchkin.

when nathan picked the kids up on monday afternoon, the main teacher at daycare told him that raiden had started a conversation about air that day. apparently she informed her teachers that there must be air in water because fish have to have air to live. that prompted a discussion on just what air is and what it can pass through and be in.

i could be wrong, but i don't remember asking questions like this (or this) when i was her age.
crazy girl :0)

i hope and pray raiden...
never stops asking questions
always searches a little bit deeper
finds the beauty in the world around her

i pray i...
never discourage her curiosity
have the patience (and wisdom) to answer her questions
can sometimes step back and let her find the answers herself

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