Saturday, September 8, 2012

a big week!

 This has been an eventful week for us...
Tuesday, 4 September, was the first day of Kindergarten for Raiden. She was super excited Tuesday morning--she sat straight up in bed and asked me, "Is this the day we get to go to school?"

They wear uniforms, which was a bit of an adjustment for me but doesn't seem to phase her...

It was also the first official day of preschool for Conan, even though he's been at daycare for a couple of weeks. You can see by his face that he wasn't quite as excited as big sister!

When I picked them up after school, I was all ready to hear what Raiden had to say. I expected something...I don't know, I guess just something.

Raiden's answer? "It was great!"
No other explanation needed, apparently, because she had nothing else to say. Guess I'll just be happy with the fact that she liked it, huh? 

We also got new beds for the kids this week.
They got lofts, which is working out pretty well so far...except that Conan fell off his ladder the very first day, which was completely expected and apparently not a big deal to him. I'm impressed by his reaction to the bed, really, because he is terrified of heights.
Seriously, terrified.

When he stands on his stool at the bathroom sink to brush his teeth, he puts his hands out to get his balance.

Raiden, on the other hand, is pretty fearless. She loves being up high, so the lofts were wonderful to her!

 Raiden took a picture of me while she was sitting on her bed, so you can get a sense of how high their lofts are.

On a bit different note, I took a couple pictures of where I'll be spending the majority of my time for the next couple of years--my cubicle in one of the grad student offices.

 I thought about cleaning up my desk before taking the pictures, but I decided that I might as well show you what it really looks like! In all honesty, this is pretty clean. Plus those are actually textbooks and class notes and homework on my desk, so it looks like I'm really working... If you look closely at the picture of my bookshelf you'll see a couple of my really useful books--Calculus and Physics the Easy Way 
The rest of those books are all from my undergrad. I'm still waiting on a couple of my books for this semester.

So far we all seem to be adjusting pretty well to school (minus my meltdown). Here's hoping things continue to go smoothly...


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