Monday, March 23, 2020

When the earth spins out of control...'s life? If you turn on the t.v. or computer (and who doesn't right now?), you gt the idea that the whole world is falling apart and out of control. One day last week, I could feel the anxiety. My heart rate, which is naturally fast already, was racing. My blood pressure was up. It felt like I was all tied up in knots with a million questions racing through my mind:
  • What's the best way to make sure our food lasts as long as possible?
  • How do we keep the kids in some sort of "school" mindset?
  • Am I getting all my work done without my trusty whiteboard (my absolute favorite thing about my office--yes, I'm that kind of nerd) there to show me my to-do list?
  • Where would be the best place to plant a garden? Even if this crazy time comes to an end soon and things get back to "normal", it's helped me realize just how important it is for us to make our farm self-sustaining for the future.
  • What are the farm projects we need to do and have the supplies here at home to get done?
  • How are my family members all coping with being cooped up at home?
That, I promise, is just the tip of the iceberg. When my mind starts racing I can't even begin to unravel the tangled knots of my thoughts.

Then, Nathan and I went outside to sit on the porch swing. It's something we rarely get the time to do in the normal everyday craziness of life when we're always running and sometimes feel like our paths barely cross. But with this forced slow down, we had time.

We sat there, watching the goats and donkey graze and listening to the ducks as they chased after bugs. We looked at shapes in the clouds in a sky that was unusually clear of vapor trails. We listened to the quiet of the hills, the birds and bugs and frogs singing, the puppies playing at the barn, and the goose honking to his ducks.

Sitting there, I could feel myself relax. The goats and birds weren't worrying. They were simply trusting their Creator to take care of them, no matter what. Sometimes, I forget that we're promised the same. He is faithful, and He is there in the midst of our chaos.

"God is our shelter and our strength.
When troubles seem near, God is nearer, and He’s ready to help.
So why run and hide? 

No fear, no pacing, no biting fingernails. 
When the earth spins out of control,
we are sure and fearless. 
When mountains crumble and the waters run wild,
we are sure and fearless. 
Even in heavy winds and huge waves, 
or as mountains shake, we are sure and fearless.
A pure stream flows—never to be cut off— 
bringing joy to the city where God makes His home, 
the sacred site where the Most High chooses to live.
The True God never sleeps and always resides in the city of joy; 
He makes it unstoppable, unshakable. 
When it awakes at dawn, the True God has already been at work.
Trouble is on the horizon for the outside nations,
not long until kingdoms will fall; 
God’s voice thunders and the earth shakes.
You know the Eternal, the Commander of heavenly armies,
surrounds us and protects us;
the True God of Jacob is our shelter, close to His heart."

Psalm 46:1-7


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